Why Us for your Gas Fittings


When it comes to Gas leaks and Gas fittings, you have to know what you’re doing, otherwise, it’ll be dangerous and you can get yourself hurt. That’s why here at Plumbing Services Sydney, we give you a certificate of compliance to show you that everything has been done according to the regulations.


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Why Us for your Gas Fittings

Are Gas Leaks Dangerous?

Unless you’ve got no sense of smell and the gas gets concentrated in a small space, blowing up the house is not really on the cards.  But it is a possibility and it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.  There are bad accidents in Australia every year.  The reason gas has that rotten egg smell is so you know that gas is leaking.  If you smell it, it means you’ve got to do something.  It’s stuff that’s added to natural gas for safety.  A persistent whiff of gas shouldn’t be ignored.  What you need to do is turn off all your gas appliances and switch off the supply at the meter.  Then you should open the windows to let the air through.  And then you give us a ring.  And don’t light up a smoke.  If the gas is at the right concentration any little spark can set it off, so switching on the lights is out too.

Get Value for Money

Besides the danger that it might go up, you’re not getting any value for money letting gas go to waste.  Sometimes the first thing that makes you wake up to a leak is a sudden uptick in your bill for no good reason.

Our crew at Plumbing Services Sydney have the gear to find out exactly where any leaks might be and we’ll be able to fix it in no time.

Cooking with Gas

There are heaps of good reasons to go with gas if you can. Many people prefer a good radiant heat source to an air conditioner and like to see some flames on a freezing winter’s night.  As for cooking, people reckon that gas is the best because you’ve got more fine control over the heat.  I suppose it’s why they say “you’re cooking with gas”.

Gas Fitting done Right

Although Gas might have some issues, so does electricity. There are currently more fires due to electrical faults than there are Gas explosions. Just like electricity, gas is not to be tampered with, leave all the gas fittings to the pros here at Plumbing Services Sydney. Here at Plumbing Services Sydney, we have seen everything and we know what we’re doing. If you are experiencing any issues with your hot water or with your Gas or just want some advice on things, Contact our plumbing team today.

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