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Drip! A leaking tap can disturb your sleep, flood your bathroom, and if not treated in time will bring you expenditure in plumbing fees. Learn how a leaking tap can repairs and how you can avoid hefty fees for financial damages.

Corrosion, mineral deposition on the internal components, or faulty gaskets, o-rings, or washers are the typical causes of a leaky tap. There are various causes of faucet leaks I will provide you with some important causes below;

The problem with the O-ring

During regular use, the O-ring can become loose which causes the faucet to drip near the handle.
replacing the damaged O ring will fix it.

Corroded valve seat

A valve seat works to make the connection between the faucet and spout. The building up of sediments and debris can cause corrosion in the valve seat and the faucet starts dripping.
Cleaning your valve seat can help to get rid of this problem.

Worn out washer

A worn-out washer is a common cause of faucet dripping, while opening taps the washer is forced against the seat of the valve, and it wears out because of this constant friction. As a result, dripping is observed around the spout.
Can be shot out by replacing old and worn washers with new one.

Improper installation of washer

Sometimes faucet gets leaked due to lack of perfect plumbing, improper installation of the washer or wrong right size washer installation can cause faucet drippings.
To get rid of this problem I would suggest you call a professional plumber and install the washer properly.

How to fix your leaky taps?

Do you know? Leaky taps that drip at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year, it is said that from this amount of water more than 180 showers to be taken.

First of all, before taking any steps to fix your leaks you need to confirm the cause and identify what is the problem so, are you ready? Have a look below,

Step 1
First of all, turn off the main supply of water. Unscrew the screw that is holding your handle.

Step 2
Remove your handle, and remove your cover plate after removing the handle. Right below the cover plate, you will find the body and spindle. If you find water on top of the spindle or the body is wet, you are having a problem with O-rings.

Step 3
Slowly lose body and spindle remove body washer and pullout jumper valve,

Pull the spindle out of the body, you will find O-ring there to cut it off or pull it out. clean everything and replace the new O-rings.

Finally, place the jumper valve in the body reinstall the cover, handle, and button, and then turn off the tap.

Need help with your leaking taps? Plumbing Services Sydney is here to help you fix water leaks on your property. Contact us today for a free quote.

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