How to Prevent a Plumbing Flood Disaster in Your Home?

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Water leaks can be caused by various sources, from small leaks in the kitchen to serious and expensive line problems on the main. But all of them have one thing in common; left undetected, and also plumbing flood disaster in your home can cause significant damage to the house.

The most common cause of water damage is pinhole leaks in pipes, poorly graded soil, blocked gutters, and sump pumps that won’t turn on. Many water damage incidents are preventable flaws most homeowners can fix well in advance of an issue.

Even a slow leak can rot out drywall and studs, create black mould, and eventually fail major structural elements like joists and beams. Eliminating leaks before they start is essential for preventing water damage.

As for your bank account, water damage can be dangerous. Homeowners’ insurance may cover some repairs, but the deductibles and coverage limits will still leave the homeowner paying out-of-pocket for repairs. This is why it is important to address potential problems in advance.

Keep an eye out for these signs that water might be leaking inside your home:

  • Damp patches on carpets or unexplained water on floors
  • Growth of moulds and water stains on the walls, & flooring
  • A musty smell and unexplained muddy water
  • Expanded cabinetry or bloating pipes
  • Unexplained puddles in the garden
  • Vegetation growing fast in one area of your garden
  • increased or really hefty water bills

Things you need to check to avoid water leaks

  1. Check all your taps and visible pipes in your house.
  2. Do you have a running toilet? This is one of the most common toilet plumbing issues that should not be ignored.
  3. Check if the shower is dripping and if you can see any dampness or even mould on the bathroom walls.
  4. Hot water system – check the valves for any signs of rust. For safety reasons, leave the thorough check-up to the professionals.

Also, having a plumbing inspection on an annual basis is a necessity if you want to stay away from plumbing problems. Plumbing Services Sydney has been fixing and detecting leaks for the last 20 years. Our experienced team of plumbing professionals uses the best equipment and techniques. Contact us today to get started with a plumbing inspection in Sydney.


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