Don’t let leaks go unnoticed. Our leak detection service uses advanced technology to quickly identify and repair any leaks in your home or business. The emotional strain of dealing with water damage or a skyrocketing water bill can be overwhelming, so let us take care of the problem for you, quick smart, and get your life back on track.


Leak Detection Sydney: Fast and Reliable Leak Detection Services

At Plumbing Services Sydney, we’ve splashed out on the latest leak detection gear and training to ensure that we can offer the best leak detection Sydney-wide and find even the sneakiest hidden water leaks.

As highly skilled plumbers, our expertise in leak detection systems gives us a competitive edge over traditional leak detectors. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we possess the necessary insights to swiftly identify leaks, resulting in cost savings for you while conserving water and time.

Many leak detection companies in Sydney focus solely on locating the leak, leaving you to find a reliable plumber to handle the repair. At Plumbing Services Sydney, we eliminate the need for you to coordinate multiple tradespeople. We handle everything from detecting water pipe leak detection Sydney Wide to fixing them, saving you valuable time, energy, and finances.

Furthermore, we possess the expertise to promptly identify and repair leaks, saving you substantial time and money. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to discover why we are Sydney’s most reliable leak detection specialists.

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Image presents reliable leak detection services in sydney – book now for expert solutions!

Reliable Leak Detection Services in Sydney – Book Now for Expert Solutions!

We offer top-notch leak detection services Sydney Wide. Bit worried there’s a leak lurking in your pipes or sewer? Is your water meter playing up and your bill looking a bit steep? Spotting signs of water damage or mould around the house?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Plumbing Services Sydney can help. Sometimes, water leaks may not exhibit any visible signs, even though they can manifest in various noticeable ways.

Once a leak is located, we can address the underlying plumbing problem and take the necessary steps to stop the leak in high-pressure water pipes. We have been finding concealed leaks in any situation and fixing water leaks and our leak detection Sydney team of plumbers is highly experienced at this task.

Plumbing Services Sydney uses non-destructive Sydney leak detection in all suburbs for all types of leaks including sewer, concealed plumbing and hidden water leaks. We utilise cutting-edge leak detection technology that allows us to accurately identify the source of leaks without causing any harm to existing property in a prompt and efficient manner.

Expert Plumbing and Leak Detection Services for All Your Plumbing Needs

At Plumbing Services Sydney,  apart from our plumbing and leak detection, We thoroughly assess and examine water leaks, both above and below ground, in Sydney for residential and commercial properties.

By utilising advanced and non-intrusive sound and infrared leak detection technologies, we have the ability to swiftly pinpoint and resolve issues, regardless of their origin. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to identify water leaks with minimal disruption to your property.

In addition, our equipment is extremely powerful and it is able to listen through surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, paving, bricks, soil, tiles, and plaster.

Whether you are dealing with a split pipe, cracked pipe, or a hole in your water pipe, Plumbing Services Sydney has the expertise to locate and fix the issue. We offer pool leak detection Sydney Wide and water leak detection as well. Let our professional team accurately locate your pipes and detect water leaks in the shortest amount of time possible. By entrusting us with the job, you can be assured that your plumbing needs in Sydney will be efficiently taken care of. To schedule an inspection, contact Plumbing Services Sydney today!

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  • Before initiating any water leak detection, we prioritise obtaining your approval, ensuring that you have full control over the process.
  • We possess a comprehensive range of diagnostic equipment at all times, enabling us to handle any type of water pipe leak detection efficiently.
  • We look over your entire plumbing system to ensure we get to the bottom of the problem
  • A Family owned and operated business for over 20 years located in Sydney
  • We let you know how much your leak detection will cost at every stage so theres no nasty surprises
  • We offer a fast friendly response to those emergency water leak jobs that just can’t wait


Leak detection is the process of finding leaks in plumbing systems, plumbing fixtures, and HVAC systems.This process typically uses special equipment that includes acoustic leak detection equipment or infrared thermal leak detection equipment. You can read our blog “Is Water Leak Detection An Emergency?

The benefits of having a system with no leaks are less water wasted, lower water bills due to decreased usage, less repair costs due to the lack of leaks developing over time, and decreased risk of mold or other moisture damage.

Common cause are general wear and tear, tree root intrusion, rapid temperature changes and leaky fixtures.

Repairs after leak detection can be arranged with our licenced plumbers.

We will make sure that we don’t just detect leaks, we also fix what is causing it.

The answer is Yes. We know water leaks could cost big amount of water bills for homeowners and business owners so we are here to help.

Our process of leak detection is swift and efficient as we use modern acoustic listening equipment to hear minute vibrations in your plumbing.

Regardless of its hidden nature, this allows us to accurately pinpoint the precise location of the water leak.

It depends on the severity of the issue but we offer you competitive and affordable prices to quickly resolve your water leak issues.

Stop leaks in their tracks with our reliable water leak detection services!

Worried about leaks? Our leak detection service can detect even the smallest leaks, saving you time and money on potential repairs. Call us now for a thorough inspection.

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