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How Often Do You Test Backflow Prevention in Sydney, NSW?

Maintaining the wellbeing of the community and its waterways includes routine backflow control system inspections (RPZ). This is a specialized valve that prevents highly polluted water from being returned to the water system.

And when it comes to backflow reduction inspection, Sydney companies can reply on Plumbing Services Sydney to have the highest quality and most reliable operation.

Periodic maintenance and monitoring of a backflow system are mandatory by the local water authority for all landowners. In Sydney, any property with a water meter greater than 25 mm is expected to have a backflow system mounted and checked annually.

As the owner of a property equipped with a backflow protection pump. You are responsible for ensuring that the right form of valve is designed and operated by a properly certified backflow plumber. The landowner is responsible for submitting a certificate of approval after the installation of a new backflow valve. Or the completion of the annual monitoring certification.

Although it can sound overwhelming, inspecting or installing a backflow prevention system is really very simple; simply contact our helpful team at  Plumbing Services Sydney and we’ll guide you through the legal and regulatory criteria.

So, how often are you required to test backflow prevention devices in Sydney?

Sydney property owners are required to test backflow prevention devices once every year. The local water authority in Sydney requires a backflow accredited plumber to install. Also, they are the ones authorized to annually test the device as well.

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