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Blocked Storm Water Drain

Rainy seasons are around the corner. Among lots of plumbing issues, one of the issues that peak during these times are issues related to the blocked storm water drain.

It is a plumbing problem that arises due to weather conditions like rain or storm. Plumbing emergency services can cost a lot of money, and the best way out of these hefty fees is by applying prevention methods.

These are the answers collected from a local plumber and can give you enough insights to tackle problems related to blocked stormwater drains.

What exactly is stormwater?

In urban areas, there are many hard surfaces that prevent rain from sinking into the ground, such as roofs, roads and footpaths. Stormwater is the water that flows after rain on surfaces.

Stormwater also flows from land drains to street channels run by local councils. These drains sometimes connect to our wide canals, pipes and streams. This shapes the mechanism of drainage.

The stormwater can stay on the end for days before drying up due to; blocked drains, driveways, cement surfaces, unmanaged drainages, etc.

Who is responsible for blocked stormwater drains in NSW?

As a rule, landowners are liable for stormwater pipes and drains, while the local council takes care of things once it is off the house. There are however separate stipulations in Australian states and territories.

Check out your local council’s website or contact them in order to get more details. Click here to access the City of Sydney’s stormwater drainage manual.

Do you have a stormwater drain installed?

The first thing you should do to prevent this problem is obviously get a stormwater drain installed. It is best suggested to get your stormwater drainage inspected before the rainy season starts.

Blocked gutters will allow water to flood the building, which damages water-damaged ceilings. It may even lap under the doors of the house which causes floor damage.

The average cost of installing stormwater drain costs about $80/ hour average in Australia.

What causes blocked stormwater drains?

Your house is built with waterways, down drains and stormwater runoff areas, which catch and expel the rainwater on your street to the stormwater drainage system. If you find water pouring out of the rim or water pools around your house, a storm drain is blocked.

The most popular barriers to stormwater drains are environmental materials such as leaves, gravel, stone, sand, stones and even garden materials such as bark and bed. Water picks up everything in its way and brings the structures to the pipes.

An accumulation of this will block the drain.  The issue with stormwater drains is that usually, after a rain event, water flows down. And if nobody monitors the water during the flood, the environmental materials will concentrate and block it.

How to Prevent Blocked Stormwater drainage?

The only approach to avoid blocked storm water drain of stormwater is to clean the garden properly. And clear any leaf material from the sides.

Twice a year, gutters should be cleaned and all roots, leaves and other matter collected over the year should be cleaned. Do use gloves while performing this job to check that you are standing securely on a ladder.

Last one-

How to be smart?

Get your drainage system inspected before a rainy season. An expert plumbing service like Plumbing Services Sydney will be able to identify, monitor and get you prepared for another rainy season. Meanwhile, Plumbing Services Sydney also provides excellent plumbing services Sydney-wide. So, in case of any emergency related to stormwater drain blockage, please contact 1300 237 246 !!

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