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Backflow prevention device – Backflows are one of the major problems when it comes to residential and commercial properties. This condition can allow contaminated water into the system and many other disadvantages.

What is Backflow Prevention?

Backflow is a non-desired flow of water in the opposite direction that can lead to serious health risks. Similarly, backflow prevention is a process for reverse flow from harmful and hazardous material into water supplies using different backrests.

What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

A device used prevention the supply of water from contamination is known as a backflow prevention device. This device is very popular equipment used in plumbing.

Prevention devices for backflow operate by allowing water to flow in just one direction. When the water service on the street or in a building is interrupted for any reason,  there is a pressure drop that can revert contaminated water into the water system.

What are the different types of backflow prevention devices?

In your markets, you will find different backflow prevention devices. But regarding effectiveness and efficiency following prevention devices are very popular in the market. And they are easily available and affordable as well. We have discussed mainly four of them below;

Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker: An atmospheric vacuum breaker is a backflow prevention device that is less and easily available. To prevent back-siphonage, it is designed to admit the atmosphere into the downstream sides of the unit under a no-flow condition.

Double-Check Valves: Double-check valves are designed to prevent water flow from contamination. For fluid protection, a double-check valve is used where there is a risk of low-toxicity substances, such as common disinfectants.

Also, the DCVs have an inlet (upstream) shut-off valve, and two independently operating spring-loaded control valves (usually inside a single valve body). Four test cocks, and an outlet (downstream) shut-off valve.

Double-Check Detector Assembly: The Double Check Detector Assembly is the extension of the double check valve and people use it for fire line installations. Also, Double Check Detector Assemblies prevent the backflow of non-health hazard substances from being pumped or siphoned into the drinking water supply.

Reduced Pressure zone Device: Reduced Pressure Zone Device provides protection for drinking water supplies in high-risk applications, including cooling towers, abattoirs, and sewage treatment plants.

What does a Backflow Prevention Device Do and how it works?

Backflow prevention devices operate by allowing water to flow in just one direction. Water service interruptions can cause a pressure drop, which can cause contaminated water to revert back into the system.

Backflow preventers rely on two one-way valves or control valves. Also, This helps to prevent water from backing up into the supply line. In general, prevention devices work with check valves that open and discharge water, ensuring that no backflow happens. Therefore, this controller opens and discharges water to the outside when pressure is applied.


Backflow prevention devices are the main factor in Maintaining the purity and safety of a local water supply. We would like to suggest that you all be aware of the problem before you face it. And install backflow prevention devices in your home water supply system. Contact the best plumbers in Sydney- JG Wilson Plumbing Services and enjoy the hassle-free backflow prevention device installation service experience.

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